What is Arezzo? Arezzo is Italy's hidden treasure. Tucked away into the hollow of four convening wakkeys, the picturesque city of 100,000 is enveloped by rambling Tuscan hills green with olive groves and vineryards. Too often it is overlooked for the more celebrated city of Florence, altugh it is only 30 miles southeast. However, Italy knows its own treasures and revers Arezzo for its glorious past and present.

Established 2,600 years ago by the Etruscans, the city achieved worldwide fame for the outstanding red~clay (Arrentine) pottery made there. Local artisans still create these wonderful vessels by hand in their small workshops, many examples of which can be found throughout the ristorante. The painting on our wall, the "Meeting of Queen Sheba and King Solomon" is a rendering of one in a series of twelve frescoes painted from 1452 ~ 1466 by Piero della Francesca in basilica of San Franseco. The massive frescoes ~ known as The Legend of The Holy Cross ~ are considered to be one of the greatest artistic achievements of the Italian Renaissance, and often compared to Michelangelo's famous paintings on the Sistine Chapel ceiling in Vatican City. The Legend of The Holy Cross is truly the most cherished jewel in Arezzo.

Presently, ancient roads still leave Arezzo, twisting around mediveal castels and rustic villages into the ordered rows of Tuscan vineyards. Many see the famous Chianti Classic region as the place where superior wines are distinguished from the mediocre. Only the grapevines rooted in this perfect terra cotta soil and ideal climate will earn the Black Rooster seal that defines excellence. Arezzo Ristorante proudly offers these scaled wines in addition to many other excellent choices.

Aside from its famous wineries, Tuscany drew attention in 1997 as the location where the Oscar ~ winning movie Life Is Beautiful was filmed. It was the bumbling, yet moving character of Guido in his runaway jalopy who came careening into the city of Arezzo and into our hearts.

Known as "The Tuscan City of Gold" in Italy, Arezzo's preeminence in the gold industry pales by comparision to the real gold within: Its science, artistic, cultural, historical, and agricultural riches. We hope one day you may experience the treasures of Arezzo as we have. Until then, we trust will enjoy the fine food, wine, art, hospitality, and service of Arezzo Ristorante.


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The picturesque city of Arezzo in the Tuscan region of north-central Italy.

"The meeting of Queen and King Solomon"
fresco (upper right column) that is proudly presented on the walls of Arezzo Ristorante.