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The Longest Spaghetti Noodle

Eating spaghetti is a fun challenge. The long delicious strands require a special approach. Most Americans eat spaghetti using a fork and a spoon to help them twist the strands in a circle. Some people even use a knife to cut the strands so that it would be easier for them to pick them up with a fork. However, in Italy spaghetti are eaten only by using a fork. Italians twist the fork in circles to create small delicious spaghetti bites. This way they also collect the sauce around the strands and you can easily enjoy the meal.

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Tomato Sauce

The tomato found its way to the European continent in the 16th century. It is believed that it was brought from Peru and ever since farmers started growing it on their land. The Aztec word for tomato is “xitomatl” which can be translated as “plump thing with a navel”. This plump and delicious fruit became one of the essential ingredients of everyday cuisine in many places around the world. When it first arrived in Europe the French started calling it the “apple of love” and the Germans “apple of paradise”.

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