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The Tuscan City of Gold

Gold, the metal praised throughout human history and its deep and rich glow is a trademark of the town of Arezzo. Its location, the findings of gold and the crafty and innovative hands of its settlers have made it a goldsmith centre throughout history. Even today it is considered to be the capital of goldsmiths in Italy. Each year a gold trade show called “Oro Arezzo” takes place here in Arezzo, Italy. It is a three day event from the 25th to the 27th October.

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Italian Cuisine in America

Intermingling cultures almost always produces some kind of new and exciting creation. Sometimes it is music, sometimes it is art and very often it revolves around the creation of delicious dishes. The migration process brought people in America from many places around the world. Each of them brought their cuisines and cultures with them. However the American continent provided a slightly different climate, fruits and vegetables and in time there was an abundance of meat.

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