Savory in Italian Cuisine

Spices are the magic trick of many different meals. If you want to get to know a certain cuisine you must learn about the spices. Everybody knows and uses oregano, but summer savory is a spice similar to oregano, originating from the same family which has been very popular for 3000 years in south-eastern Europe and Asia.


It is a key element in many authentic Italian dishes, to spice up meat, beans, as well as sweets.

It grows from spring to fall and there are around 30 species of savory in the world. It is a small bush like plant which grows up to 50 cm. Its color is peppery green; it smells beautifully and helps digestion.

It was once considered a love plant and was used in wedding ceremonies and to create love potions. But to me it goes perfectly in creamy milky sauces I add to roasted meats or on breadsticks with any salads. Pizza is one of the best uses of summer savory, soups and even ice cream is something you must try spiced up with this plant.

It is a very diverse spice which was also drunk as tee. You can plant it in a pot and make it a permanent part of your herbal garden. Create the authentic Italian feel at your house and enjoy the taste and smell of summer savory!

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