The Scent of Marjoram

Quality products are only one piece of the puzzle in the creation of the perfect dish. The mouthwatering, tempting and fulfilling bite of your favorite dish requires time, effort and proper balancing of ingredients. And the final and sometimes most important twist are the spices.


One of the most used spices in authentic Italian cuisine is marjoram. Everybody uses salt, pepper and oregano but there are a few other very popular spices many of us fail to notice. Marjoram is a highly aromatic spice and is a member of the oregano family. This is why it goes well with an oven baked pizza, a variety of soups and meats. It is sweet it grows well in the Mediterranean area and it has characteristic tender leaves which are collected and dried or used fresh.

As many spices this one also has inspired people to create a legend around it. It was once believed that Venus, the goddess of love, gave it to the mortals as a symbol of beauty. And off course after hearing this people also started using it to create love potions and incorporating it into wedding ceremonies.

It is also used to add a specific sent and taste to liqueurs; it is used in sweets, meats and seafood, chicken, and so on. Shrimp, salmon sea bass, tuna, sausages, many types of cheeses are regularly spiced up with marjoram so I am sure you will find a way to play around with it in your kitchen. You should also know that you can use it as tee to help you beat insomnia, and to create herbal pillows and baths.

You can use the symbol of love and happiness of the Romans and create the authentic Italian dish with marjoram or maybe even make marjoram crowns at your wedding, but I assure you that you definitely won’t be making a wrong choice with this one.

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