Award of Excellence, Wine Spectator Magazine 2002

"Arezzo has that lovely feeling of being a let's just walk over and have dinner kind of bistro, as well enough elegant style to be special occasion kind of place. Pamela Hill Nettleton, Minessota Montthly

"...delectable four cheese gnocchi. I look for what I call shock value. Something that makes you stop, notice. This has it. They're handmade. A lost art! Handrolled..." Pamela Hill Nettleton, Minessota Montthly

"... I had to restain myself from licking the white ~ whine cream sauce off the plate that held the oh so tasty polenta and mushroom appetizer." Rebecca Luna, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

"I lost myself in a daydream about the melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi... it had turned into a cloud and I floated away on it." Rebecca Luna, Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

"...very tasty black ink fettucine with asparagus and clams... Arezzo turns conventional wisdom on its head." Jeremy Iggers, Star Tribune

Voted the Most Romantic Restaurant, and Top Ten Best Pizza by Twin Cities Citysearch users.

Voted the Prettiest Restaurant, and Top Six Italian Restaurants by Minnesota Monthly readers.

"Arehbishop Harry Flyyn, currently restoring the cathedral of St. Paul, might want to check out Arezzo's extensive Baroque faux ~ finish paint job for a few pointers." Rick Nelson, Food Reporter at Star Tribune